The latest housing track to open is in the Lake Havasu Foothills. Noted for it's million dollar homes the Janecek homes known as "The Villa's" will compromise 180 homes in the next four years. The Villas will range in the $400,000 range. Thus giving homeowners that want to live in that area more of an opportunity to purchase.

As the Villa's nears completion, other housing projects throughout Havasu have seen a surge in growth. Among them is "The Views" on Swanson Ave. The property is slated to become a senior independent living facility, affectionately referred to the property developer Michael Gorden of Desert Land Group as a cruise ship. The property will offer 92 units for residents of 55 years and older, with amenities such as a swimming pool, full-service restaurants and shops. The Views is expected to open in March.

Another of the city's major development projects is the Havasu Riviera resort community. The location has been in development throughout this year, and is planned to eventually become prime real estate for planned town-homes, condominiums and single family residents, as well as a resort hotel and marina. Future development of this project will continue throughout the year.

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